Smoke. Sleep. Procreate. turned 2 today!

Most epic song ever.

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I just want to run.

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I wanted the pain more than your empty bag of promises. I need the hurt to conceal the truth.

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Once again a lovely plan ripped to shreds.

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Anonymous said: I just want you to know that you are gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. And sweet, and talented. And one day you're going to find someone who is the right person for you. So things haven't worked out with people in the past, so what - they are clearly not worth your thoughts. Don't dwell on the past and don't dwell on the imagined future. Just live in the present and be happy. xxx

Thank you so much anon, this made me so much happier. I’m trying my best at the moment, but sometimes thinking ahead just happens. I think I’m starting to understand now that what I feel and how I feel is okay. And that I can cope with it, I just have to really want it. Thank you again whoever you are x x x x

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Anonymous said: is that your ex?

Kind of, but not really. I saw him a couple of times but that was it. It’s not because I still fancy him that I put it up, it’s because I look so happy in it and even I can tell how happy I was in that moment.

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Another drug another hit
Another mask that just don’t fit

No end to the pills the self loathing and the strife
Someone give me a fucking knife.

Another dawn another lost faith
Another person you can’t face

No more hope for the dreams
Someone’s splitting at the seems

Another love another loss
Another person who didn’t give a toss

No more belief in humanity
Life is just one great profanity

Another hour another day
Another scar won’t fade away

No end to the pills, self-loathing and the strife
I want an end to this life.

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Anonymous said: sod them, show the picture of you you think is the nicest?

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